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Hi, foreign friends
Autor Wiadomość


Dołączyła: 21 Lis 2008
Posty: 17
Skąd: USA

  Wysłany: 2009-09-16, 16:28   

hawanas napisał/a:
Hello Marge!
Wow, that's so clever! I love watching your videos, you are great trainer! I will try this trick with my Beauty ;-) She's 4 months old and she already knows sit, down, stay, speak, shake paw, roll and don't touch (the food I mean when I place it in fron of her:) These are basic, but always something :mrgreen:

Greetings xx

Thank you for the kind words. I am not a trainer. I am a student and my dogs are my teachers. They teach me how to train them. :-)

Sounds like Beauty is a natural. I bet she loves to show off her tricks. Let me know if you post any videos. I'd love to see her.

Happy training,


Dołączyła: 30 Paź 2007
Posty: 930
Skąd: Łódź - Kopanka

Wysłany: 2009-09-19, 19:52   

You are great Marge, and you are right our dogs are our teachers, it is a real pity that some people don't even notice that. Thank you for that :)
Your vidios are a good training school for us :) Keep informing us about your progress in training RRs. As you can see there are more and more people interesting in it :) Even if you think it is nothing , please remember more are reading the forum than answering your posts:)



Dołączyła: 21 Lis 2008
Posty: 17
Skąd: USA

Wysłany: 2009-10-21, 05:36   Re: Hi, foreign friends

Juzek napisał/a:
Hi, if you are interested in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed in Poland , please let us know about your successes, problems and other things you would like to talk about. We are very open to worldwide Rhodesian Ridgeback friends. We all care about our Ridgebacks so feel free to talk with us, we are your friens, too.

Hello, everyone. Greetings from the US.

Finally - holiday cards with rhodesian ridgebacks (black and livernose). Check out our latest video.


After Chase passed away, I donated the images in this video to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, here in the US. They are selling the holiday cards with Chase and Rounder as a fund raiser. Show your friends and family your favorite breed and help dogs in need at the same time. You can purchase the cards, on-line, at http://www.ridgebackrescue.org/xmas/index.html

Thank you for your support.
Warmest regards,
Marge & Rounder

makaya's land 

Wiek: 70
Dołączyła: 08 Sty 2010
Posty: 25

Wysłany: 2010-12-18, 00:40   

Merry XMAS and Happy new year for 2011

Nice to meet you with my ridgeback


Wysłany: 2010-12-18, 01:45   

Thanks i Wesołych oraz Szczęśliwego... Jak to się mówi. :-D
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